Franklin Dunbar, Russell's wealthy father who is not particular proud of Russell. He is portrayed by Geoff Pierson.

Season 2Edit

Franklin Adam

Franklin and Adam in Russell's Father's son.

In the episode, Russell's Father's son, he is making an advert to promote his company which involves Russell saying that he will take over the company after Franklin. However, Franklin calls Adam over and asks him to read out a script which turns out to be the same one that Russell said about taking over the company. Adam feels guilty and tells Russell who doesn't seem bothered. They then watch the advert and find out that Franklin recast the son again which upsets and annoys Adam.

Season 6Edit

Franklin appears again in the episode Bros before Nodes where Russell is married to Liz and wants to impress his Dad although Liz is unattractive to Franklin so Russell gets a hairdresser to make Liz up although it doesn't go well. Luckily Timmy manages to make her over so that Franklin approves of her much to Liz and Russell's happiness.