Jeff and Audrey's Apartment is the residence of Jeff and Audrey Bingham

Rooms & furnitureEdit

  • Living room - The room the characters normally hang out in. It is the first room of the apartment from the hall.
    • Large Sofa
    • Rug
    • Coffee Table
    • Drinks Table
    • Dining Table
  • TV room - a small room connected to the living room.
    • 2 comfy seats
    • 1 large TV
  • Kitchen
  • Jeff and Audrey's bedroom
    • Double Bed
    • Large Closet
    • 2 Bedside Tables
  • Guest bedroom
    • Sofa Bed
    • 1 TV


  • Jeff Bingham (Owner)
  • Audrey Bingham (Owner)
  • Shae Bingham (Likely resident)
  • Unnamed Bingham Child (Other likely resident(Unless the family move out after the final episode))
  • Brenda (Temporary House Guest)
  • Liz (Other Temporary House Guest)

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