Roman Dunbar was born on February 26, 2003. He is Russell's long-lost son with a girl he had a "one-nighter" with back in 1999. Roman was born in 2003, which makes him the youngest of the group besides baby Shae. He isn't pervy like Russell, and he is cuturally sensitive. According to Jeff, he is 99.99% of the mother and 0.0000000000001% of Russell. The .0000000000001% he gets from Russell is explained by his large wealth. He legally stays by himself and has many other cultures than American. He is 10% Black, 70% British, 10% White, and the last 10% Filipino. Everyone in the group loves him except Russell, who hates Roman. 

LEGAL Relationship with JadeEdit

Jade was born in 2002. She is a child physicist like Roman. Roman has a prodogetic Ph.D and Bunny Dunbar specifically adores him rather than Russell. Franklin, Russell's father says that he is "Russell 10.0".